Neil Law is a business focused law firm - a law firm who puts the needs of their client in the context of the client's business.

We offer:

1. Buying and selling a business.
Neil Law will handle the sale of your business or purchase of a business.  We will work in conjunction with your tax advisor to determine whether that transaction should proceed by way of a sale of shares or a sale of assets.  We will prepare the appropriate agreement for your transaction and ensure that all ancillary matters are attended to.

2. Business Financing
Often times the purchase of a business requires financing to  close the transaction or a client may be refinancing their current business.  Neil Law will work with you and your financial institution to ensure that all aspects of your financing and reporting to your lending institution are completed in a timely basis to ensure the flow of funds necessary to complete your purchase transaction or refinance of your existing business.

3. Leases
Are you negotiating a new lease for a new business venture or are you negotiating with your current landlord?  Neil Law will review your Letter of Intent and the formal Lease Agreement to ensure that your rights as a Lessee have been safeguarded.

4. Franchise Agreements
Neil Law has acted for numerous clients who have entered into franchise agreements, including a McDonald’s franchise, a Dairy Queen franchise and a Wendy’s franchise. | © 2018 Neil Law. All Rights Reserved.