We never forget that legal documents and requirements are not an end in themselves but merely a means to accomplish our clients’ objectives. We are a transaction-based practice, with the knowledge, judgment and experience to get deals closed advantageously and efficiently.

We offer:

Legal insight to advance your real estate interests. Comprehensive real estate capabilities for sellers, buyers, investors, lenders, home builders and developers backed by the judgment, confidence and knowledge that only come from being in the real estate market on a daily basis.

Focused strengths.
A firm that spans virtually every area of the real estate practice: from buying, selling, agreements for sale and vendor take back mortgages.

A pragmatic approach.
The experience to focus on and give priority to the important business and legal elements of a transaction - those that will further your objectives, enhance your returns and minimize your risks.

Foresight and innovation.
The ability to anticipate the "hot buttons" in a negotiation and to map the shortest route to closing whether that be through title insurance, Western Law Societies Conveyancing Protocol or other mechanisms.

Our experience spans a broad spectrum of property types:

Including houses, condominiums, bare land condominiums, self-build projects, strata titles, acreages, mobile homes, vacation properties, hobby farms, and farms..

Acquisitions and Dispositions for individual investors or corporations.
We work with clients in evaluating and consummating transactions involving the purchase or sale of single or multi-asset portfolios.

We represent builders and clients who are acting as their own general contractor in the construction of their own home.

Land Use
Our firm counsels clients on land use matters, including subdivision matters, planning and zoning issues, compliance issues, encroachment concerns and development and building permit matters.  Neil Law attends Development Appeal Board hearings, where necessary, on behalf of clients to ensure that all aspects of their real estate transaction are perfected.

Mortgages and Lending
We represent lenders in connection with all real estate mortgage loans and are on the approved list of all Canadian lenders.  As well, we act for sellers who require vendor take back mortgages on transactions where they are financing a portion of the purchase price for the buyer.

New Residential Developments
We represent a number of builders with their newly constructed projects ranging from small subdivisions to major planned residential communities.

For Sale by Owner.
We act for sellers and buyers who choose not to engage a real estate professional.  We meet with our clients to ensure that their needs are properly addressed and legally secured by drafting a comprehensive sale and purchase agreement and reviewing it with them.


Neil Law is committed to providing practical, timely and sound advice.

1. What are the fees for a residential real estate transaction?
Our fees are based on the sale price for sellers and on the purchase and mortgage amount for buyers.

2. What is the difference between fees and disbursements?
Disbursements are those charges that we pay out on your behalf.  Some examples are funds paid to Land Titles for registration of documents, to the City of Edmonton for tax searches and tax certificates, delivery charges, and postage.  Fees are the charges for our services.

3. When should Neil Law be notified that you are retaining their services?
Neil Law is proactive regarding real estate transaction files to ensure the timely closing of your sale or purchase and accordingly you should contact us as soon as you have made or accepted an offer.  You should provide us  with the name and phone number of your realtor and those of your mortgage broker or lender.  As well you should provide us with the closing date.

4. How much can I afford
Go to our mortgage calculator to find out your mortgage information.

5. I am new to Alberta or have never bought a property before and do not have contacts for a realtor, insurance agent, movers, mortgage brokers and cleaners.
Neil Law is able to provide you with referrals for professional qualified agents to assist you in all aspects of the purchase or sale of your property.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your needs in that regard.


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